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Privacy Policy

Kracie Holdings, Ltd. and its affiliates and subsidiaries comprising Kracie Home Products, Ltd., Kracie Home Products Sales, Ltd., Kracie Pharma, Ltd., Kracie Pharmaceutical, Ltd., Kracie Foods, Ltd., Kracie Foods Sales, Ltd., and Kracie Fashion Institute,Ltd (hereinafter collectively the 'Kracie Group'), based on the spirit of the Personal Information Protection Law, recognize the importance of personal information of users acquired by the Kracie Group, provide herein the Group's Privacy Policy, and strive to insure conformance to the principles for handling of user information provided below.

i) Acquisition of Personal Information
The Kracie Group acquires personal information by lawful and appropriate means. Prior to acquisition, the Group notifies or announces the intended purpose of use of such information.
ii) Use of Personal Information
The Kracie Group handles acquired personal information within the scope of notified or announced purposes.
| Purpose of Use of Personal Information |
iii) Provision of Personal Information
The Kracie Group will not provide personal information to any third party without prior consent of the users or unless allowed by law. Despite the preceding statement, the Group may entrust management of personal information to a third party to the extent necessary to serve the purpose of use of such information. In that case the Group will supervise the entrusted third party to the necessary and appropriate extent.
iv) Management of Personal Information
The Kracie Group takes necessary and appropriate measures to ensure safe management of personal information.
v) Indication, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information
When the Kracie Groups receives a request from a user in person for indication, correction, or deletion of his personal information, the Group will first authenticate personal identification of the user through a prescribed procedure and accommodate the user's request to the reasonable extent without delay.
| Application for Indication, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information |
vi) Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Measures
The Kracie Group will try to ensure appropriate handling of personal information by carrying out corporate training to raise awareness among staff members, checking current procedures, reviewing and improving the measures taken for protection of personal information.
vii) Sharing of Personal Information
The Kracie Group shares personal information of persons concerned with medical and pharmaceutical industries including medical doctors, pharmacists, pharmacies, drugstores, etc. with Japan Ultmark Inc. and the members of the services offered by that company but in accordance with the purpose of use of personal information. Please refer to Ultmark's web site for the items and the scope of personal information offered for shared use as well as for the persons in charge of the service.

Website Privacy Policy

The website of the Kracie Group (the 'Website') complies with the following policy to protect users' personal information.

i) Purpose of Acquisition of Personal Information
On certain part of our Website users are asked to enter their personal information including name, gender, age, postal code, address, occupation, telephone number, mobile number, email address, etc. Such information collected through web entry will be used for the betterment of the service and the products offered on the Website or for marketing purposes to the extent considered necessary and will not be used for any other purpose.
ii) Transfer of Personal Information Data
We endeavor to improve safety of data transmission. Data containing personal information is transferred in a highly encrypted form.
iii) Use and Provision of Personal Information
We will not use users' personally identifiable information collected through this Website or provide such information to external third parties beyond the scope of the previously notified or announced purposes except as allowed by law.
iv) Management of Personal Information
We always endeavor to take appropriate measures to insure accuracy of user personal information. We also make all possible efforts to prevent any illegal access to user information. When we need to entrust a third party with handling of personal information that we collect, we shall instruct and supervise the entrusted third party to pay close attention to information management to ensure strict information security.
v) Cookies
We may use 'Cookies' on certain pages of this Website. A Cookie is a function of the Internet browser to store information about your visits to this Website on your computer. The next time you access the Website pages, the Website will automatically read the Cookie data stored on your computer, but this function will not infringe on your personal information. You can set your browser's preferences to reject Cookies, but in that case some pages on the Website may not correctly function.
vi) Log Files
The Kracie Group utilizes 'log files' containing all access information for the purpose of investigating trends in use of the Website. The information contained in the log files includes IP address, type of browser, referring URL, etc., but such information will not be reflected in your personal information we keep.
vii) Links to Other Web Sites
This Website contains links to other web sites. This Privacy Policy shall be applied only to this Website, and the Kracie Group assumes no liability of any kind for handling of personal information on the third party web sites linked with our Website. The Kracie Group recommends you to refer to third party websites for their individual privacy policies.
viii) User Request for Indication, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information(Indication, Correction)
When we receive a request from a user in person for indication of his or her personal information, we will first authenticate personal identification of the user and then answer to the user, except in special cases. Please do not hesitate to make inquiries about indication and correction of your personal information.
The Kracie Group or our subcontractors may send you information by means of email, etc., provided that you provide us with your personal information and agree to accept such information service. If you no longer desire our service, please make a request, and we will stop our service or delete your personal information.
This Website will always try to comply with laws concerning handling of personal information and occasionally review and improve the provisions of this privacy policy. Please understand that the provisions of the privacy policy are subject to change without prior notice.

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