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Our principles

We believe that our corporate principles given below are the very foundation of our overall business; they determine our corporate ethos and give guiding principles to steadfastly lead our entire group on our intended path.

Our corporate philosophy called 'Shirushi' was drawn up in January 2005 as our first guiding principle with the aim of further motivating our companies and our employees. 'Shirushi' has three components: the "Basic Philosophy"; the "Vision"; and the "Action Guidelines" to provoke all our corporate members to examine themselves and act with a strong will for change. Our "Corporate Mission" was newly adopted at the time of our corporate name change in July, 2007. It declares 'our promise to our customers' to fulfill through each of our products and services. And our "Corporate Slogan" was announced in October 2008 to shape our attitude in fulfilling the promise. All these important statements constitute our corporate principles.

Components of our corporate principles

Basic Philosophy
Always thinking of you

"Always thinking of you" - This forms the basis of all our work, our products, and the attitudes of all personnel in our Group. It is not an empty promise based on self-satisfaction but rather our solemn mission by which to live and abide.

A company that joins hand-in-hand with society to enrich and brighten the future lives of all people.

This is our goal. It shows the future direction we pursue. Working with society we continually support our customers in ensuring their treasured everyday happiness and ideal lives.

Kracie contributes to your treasured day-to-day happiness.  We give close and warm attention to every small detail of your life while remaining exquisitely sensitive to seasonal changes.  This leads us to new ideas for more user-friendly products and services.  Ever closer to your life, Kracie will live together with you.

This is our mission, pursued to achieve the goal shown in the "Vision". We believe that understanding the needs of every part of our customer's lives is the first step to creating an ideal life in the future together with society.

Corporate Slogan
TAISETSU-NA-KOTO, Kracie <Kracie, for the important things in life> This translates into our sincere wish to always remain considerate of what is cherished in your life; such as the lasting smiles of your family, or the wish that today be a happier day than yesterday.

In October 2008, we adopted this as our shared corporate slogan as well as our promise to our customers. It is intended to encourage each staff member of our Group to keep trying to see things from our customers' point of view and ask themselves what is important to them.

Action Guidelines
Stay positive 1 Touch people's hearts. How many 'Thank-You's' did you earn today? 2 Be diligent in your work and kind to others.  Trust your co-workers and grow together with them.3 Assume the eyes of discerning consumer 4 Keep asking substantive questions even about what may at first seem obvious.5 Do it now.  Do it thoroughly.  You are racing with the world.6 Give it a try, you cannot reach the top by doing only what you must. 7 Your actions today will form the history of our next 100 years.

These demonstrate our commitment to pursue the true nature of things, and to reflect this in the work we do. They affirm what we shall do for our customers, for the world, and for ourselves.

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