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Masahiro Iwakura

To Become a "Hundred-Year Company" that Makes the World Crazy

Our corporate philosophy is to "always think of others." As such, Kracie has been committed to developing its lines of business: Toiletries & Cosmetics (daily necessities such as shampoo and body soap), Pharmaceuticals (Kampo traditional medicine), and Foods (confectioneries and frozen desserts).

In July 2017, ten years after we changed our company name, we made "CRAZY KRACIE" our vision.

Changes in the environment around us can be almost overwhelming, with customer needs becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse. It is times like this when each of our employees questions their assumptions, rids themselves of preconceived notions, and builds new relationships with technologies from different fields, differing products, scenarios from different dimensions, and people with different careers. We must tackle these challenges more sincerely, and more crazily, than anyone else.

This "crazy" that we show will, we feel, continue to create new values suited for these changes, thanks to encounters with the unknowns and new ideas that these numerous new relationships create.

In January 2020, Kracie adopted a new corporate slogan, A fascinating tomorrow . This is Kracies promise to our customers, clients, and stakeholders. This slogan expresses Kracies wish to be a company that helps people live a a fascinating tomorrow by providing them with the opportunity to experience a fascinating tomorrow through our products.

On October 1, 2023, Kracie Holdings will merge its three operating companies into a single company with the manufacturing function at its core, and will start operating as Kracie Ltd. By sharing and reallocating human resources, information, infrastructure, and other resources, we will transform into an organization that can steadily grow while optimizing corporate operations. We will also hold multifaceted discussions on management issues that are essential to coexist with all stakeholders to create a business execution structure that expedites decision-making.

Through reforms of our management structure, we will realize the integration of Kracie, which will demonstrate the Groups inherent strengths as we aim to become a Hundred-Year Company that Makes the World Crazy. We will also create new value and innovation in the fields of Beauty, Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Health & Wellness in harmony with nature to enhance the value we provide to our customers and patients and we will promote initiatives for a sustainable society.

As a company that "always thinks of others" in tackling challenges, we hope that you will look to Kracie for how we can contribute to a better and richer life for everyone.

Masahiro Iwakura

Representative Director, President
Kracie, Ltd.

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