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Kracie Group Social Media Policy

Kracie, Ltd., and its Group companies (Kracie Group) adhere to the following fundamental matters with regard to participation in social media (blogs, SNS, etc.) and with regard to the operation of the Groups official accounts.

Stance on Participation in Social Media

Kracie Group strives to communicate with an attitude of respect for the diverse points of view of all parties related to Kracie Group, including customers, business partners and Kracie Groups employees (the Employee), and with attention to the comments of all related parties.
Kracie Group participates in the dissemination of information on social media with a constant awareness that many and unspecified users worldwide can access social media, and maintains an attitude of sincerity and restraint.

1. Compliance with Legislation and Internal Regulations
Kracie Group has established guidelines for the Employees that indicate its stance on all participation in social media. The Employees comply with legislation and Kracie Groups Internal Regulations and the Compliance Code of Conduct that Kracie Group has established, etc. At the same time, the Employees communicate information on social media with an understanding of the social media guidelines and take responsibility for their own conduct as adults with sound judgment.
2. Awareness and Responsibility for Communicated Content
The Employees are aware and responsible in their communication of information on social media. The Employees fully appreciate that once information has been published on the internet, it cannot be completely deleted, and the Employees are circumspect in communicating information.
In communicating information, the Employees endeavor to publish accurate information that will not lead to misunderstanding.
In the event that the Employees publish inaccurate information or use expressions that do lead to misunderstanding, they promptly apologize and make corrections.
3. Prohibition on Infringement of Rights
Kracie Group and the Employees do not engage in any act that infringes copyright and other intellectual property rights of Kracie Group or a third party. Moreover, Kracie Group does not engage in any act that damages the reputation of a third party or infringes the privacy of individuals.
4. Handling of Confidential Information and Personal Information
Kracie Group and the Employees do not disclose or leak the confidential information of Kracie Group, or the business partners of Kracie Group, which Kracie Group and the Employees obtain during the course of business. Kracie Group and the Employees also do not disclose the personal information of the customers and the business partners without obtaining the consent of the customers and the business partners.

To Customers and Users

The communication of information from Kracie Group and the Employees on social media by no means represents official announcements and views of Kracie Group.
The communication of the information concerning Kracie Groups official announcements and views is carried out via Kracie Groups website (https://www.kracie.co.jp) and its press releases.
The form of interaction (possibility of response, service times, and methods) is different for each official account, so Kracie Group asks that you check each of the Kracie Group official social media accounts for details on the management of each one.
Kracie Groups official social media accounts are listed below.

Inquiries about social media
Kracie Group asks that you contact Kracie Groups social media help desk for any inquiries related to Kracie Groups social media policy and the use of social media by the Employees.
Social Media Help Desk

Please contact us about Kracie Groups social media policy, official accounts and the use of social media by the Employees, stating you inquiry clearly in the online inquiry form.

Contact us online here
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Kracie Group Official Social Media Accounts

Through its official social media accounts, Kracie Group operates forums for positive communication to disseminate information, including original ideas, about Kracie Groups products and services, to help more customers become familiar with Kracie Group, and to interact with customers in order to develop a deeper understanding of what they want.

Kracie Group Official Social Media Accounts
The Group only posts Japanese-language content
Checek for our Official Social Media Accounts

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