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Business description

Our full-scale entry in the field of foods started in 1964. Since then we have developed original technologies, merged with companies from other fields of foods including confectionery manufacturers, and entered into technical cooperation with foreign makers, to expand our scope of business in the field. At the same time, we have continued to develop new ideas to support diverse lifestyle diets.

Today our foods division covers confectioneries, frozen desserts, functional foods and drink powders. We have a unique lineup of confectioneries including "Amaguri Muichaimashita" which ranks top in the natural confectionery market,DIY Candy For Kids called "Neru-neru Neru-ne", and the "Frisk" refreshing breath mints, which have the largest share in the mints market. In the frozen desserts category, we offer various types of ice creams like our "European Sugar Cone" and soymilk ice creams that do not contain dairy products or eggs. We also have drink powders.

Confectioneries and ice creams are small delicacies that add a bit of pleasure and variety to daily life. So it is our important duty to ensure the health and safety of all our products. Additionally, we believe that it is our duty to continuously produce a wide variety of new and unique products to please and fulfill the individual everyday needs of as many customers as possible.


We offer many unique pioneering products, such as our "Amaguri Muichaimashita" - roasted, shelled, sweet chestnuts that created a new niche category of "natural confectioneries", and DIY Candy For Kids named "Neru-neru Neru-ne". Since 1992, Kracie has been developing products such as pioneering mint tablet brand "Frisk", etc.

Amaguri Muichaimashita
Neru-neru Neru-ne


Frozen desserts

Based on the concept of "creating frozen desserts to add richness to the table", we offer new pleasurable tastes such as baked goods combined with ice creams produced with our own technology and recipes, processed raw fruits, and healthy soymilk ice creams.



Functional foods and drink powders

Based on the concept of "easy-to-prepare and healthy", we aim to produce unique food and drink products that spice up people's diets in simple and convenient ways.

hot lemon
Sky water


Company profiles
Kracie Foods Sales, Ltd.
Location 20-20, Kaigan 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Mitsuhiro Hashimoto - Representative Director, President
Capital 10 million Yen
Business Sales of confectioneries, ice creams, functional foods, drink powders, etc.

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