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We changed the company name in July 2007, and enacted the corporate slogan in 2020. Here, we introduce the origin of the brand name and the sentiment contained in the brand.

Corporate brand

We changed our name to "Kracie" in July 2007. The naming of the company contains the following desire of all our employees and executives – "Throughout the changing of the seasons and in daily life, our group's products will bring joy to the hearts of our customers. We aim to create a lifestyle which is healthy, pleasant and enjoyable." Along with the name, which embodies this desire, we chose dandelion yellow as the corporate color.
When we were choosing a name, we asked all employees to submit ideas. We received around 300 suggestions and narrowed the entries down to a selection of potential names. We then conducted a questionnaire twice among employees, and the name Kracie was chosen.

The sentiment contained in the brand
Kracie contributes to your treasured day-to-day happiness.  We give close and warm attention to every small detail of your life while remaining exquisitely sensitive to seasonal changes.  This leads us to new ideas for more user-friendly products and services.  Ever closer to your life, Kracie will live together with you.

Kracie's company name embraces the sentiment that a thorough understanding of customers' needs and the details of their daily lives, and the provision of products and services which have high value and provide deep satisfaction, connect us to our customers, society and the future.

Corporate Slogan

From January 1st, 2020, Kracies new corporate slogan is A fascinating tomorrow Kracie.
The corporate slogan is Kracies promise to customers, clients, and stakeholders.
Contained within the phrase A fascinating tomorrow is the wish that the number of people that become fascinated through Kracies products increases, so that we can become a corporation which continues to be helpful in the future.

MUCHU-NI-NARERU-ASHITA, KracieA fascinating tomorrow
Kraciehon Campaign

In order to communicate the desire contained in "Always think of others" (Basic Philosophy), we began a Kurashi-ehon (picture book) campaign in 2008. Every year, we feature three important stories in picture book form.

https://www.kracie.jp/taisetsu/index.html (Japanese)

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