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Business description

The history of our pharmaceuticals division began in 1934 with the establishment of Kanebo-Mutoh Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. To achieve 'full commitment to "beauty and health"', the corporate objective at the time, the Group made full-scale entry into the medical business field afterwards.

Today the division offers a wide range of products ranging from medical pharmaceuticals to non-prescription, over-the-counter products. We focus on Kampo medicines with our integrated system of production from raw materials to finished products, thus providing comprehensive support to the health of the people. Recently herbal medicines, our core products, have been attracting much attention as alternative remedies emphasizing physiological balance and harmony in the human body. We hope to help people enjoy rich and healthy lives through our activities in this field. We will do our best to support the healthy lives of our customers and contribute to future advancement of the field of medicine and healthcare based on our experience, technologies, and customer trust.

About Kampo
Hospital use drugs (Medical dept.)

By taking special advantage of Kampo medicines, we are pursuing development of new drugs that can relieve diseases or symptoms not treatable by western-style medicines. With an ever more safety conscious and aging society, the prospects for Kampo medicine is high as an alternative therapy with the unique approach of restoring health by improving the physical constitution of the human body.

Hospital use drugs (Medical dept.)
Non-prescription drugs (Health care dept.)

In Japan, Kracie has the largest market share of OTC (over the counter) Kampo medicines for face-to-face selling at pharmacies and drugstores. In order to make Kampo medicines more popular and accessible among the general public, we strive to make a rich lineup of products to meet the diverse needs of consumers. We also recommend new herbal drugs, present clear and simple product concepts, develop easy-to-take and easy-to-use products, and utilize modern and intuitive package design.

CoccoapoPlusA Tablets
Kracie Kampo Kakkonto Extract Granules-SII
Kracie Hachmijiogan A
Anchusanryo Extract Tablets
Company profiles
Kracie Pharmaceutical, Ltd
Location 20-20, Kaigan 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Tetsuya Kusayanagi - Representative Director, President
Capital 100 million Yen
Business Sales of medical drugs and quasi drugs for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and drugstores

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