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About the Kracie Group

Business Activities

Outline of our business

Based on our Group's Basic Philosophy of " Always thinking of you", Kracie aims to become " A company that joins hand-in-hand with society to enrich and brighten the future lives of all people", as stipulated in Our Vision. These ideas form the very nexus of our business activities, linking our group companies and all their arms and branches, and motivating us to offer highly valuable products and services that support the everyday lives of our customers and contribute to their happiness.

Research and Development

Kracie considers Research and Development the lifeblood of our business of producing highly valuable products. We operate three laboratories involved in highly specialized R&D studies specifically targeting three different areas of business. These laboratories have systems that enable researchers to demonstrate the highest creativity in their fields of expertise both as individuals and in teamwork with others. By sharing and accumulating their research achievements among the entire Group, we are able to create new valuable products and services. "To offer user-friendly products and services", as declared in the Group's Mission, Kracie's R&D department strives to deeply understand the everyday life needs of our customers and develop new unique products that contribute to their happiness.

  • Beauty Care Laboratory

    The Beauty Care Laboratory is involved in research and development of basic skin care products and toiletry products. With departments specialized in formulation development , aromatics to add luxury to products, and containers and dispensers for improved usability, the Lab is characterized by a comprehensive approach in its development of products. The Laboratory is further involved in analyses and studies for good product stability as well as the search for new chemicals, active ingredients and other materials.

  • Kampo Research Laboratory

    The Kampo Research Laboratory undertakes research in a wide range of areas including that for quality control, stable supply of raw herbal ingredients, drug formulation, product development, and establishment of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) status and information development for further popularization of Kampo medicines.

  • Foods Laboratory

    The Foods Laboratory is involved in development of new products and technologies mainly in the areas of confectioneries, frozen desserts, functional foods and drink powders. It is also conducting research and development for functional materials and quality assurance through evaluation and analysis of both in-house and imported products and ingredients.


Kracie has six factories in Japan, each of which is specialized in manufacturing one specific category of products. This enables Kracie to realize efficient and cost-effective production of high quality products tailored to each category and to quickly respond to fast-changing markets. The main factory in the field of toiletries and cosmetics is Tsushima Factory, which manufactures hair care, skin care, and basic skin care products. In the field of pharmaceuticals, raw herbs are processed into Kampo dry extracts at Qingdao Huazhong Pharmaceuticals, which is a Japanese-Chinese joint enterprise, and Takatsuki No.2 Factory. Production of Kampo medicine from the processed ingredients and finishing process are carried out at Takaoka Factory. In the field of foods, frozen desserts are produced at Shinmachi Factory, chewing gums and candies at Takatsuki No.1 Factory, and fun sweets(DIY Candy For Kids) and drink powders at Fukuchiyama Factory.

Toiletries & Cosmetics

Tsushima factory Production of shampoos, hair conditioners, skin lotions, skin milks, etc.


Takaoka factory Production of Kampo medicines

Takatsuki No.2 factory Production of kampo dry extracts


Takatsuki No. 1 factory Production of chewing gums, candies, etc.

Fukuchiyama factory Production of fun sweets (DIY Candy For Kids) and drink powders

Shinmachi factory Production of frozen desserts (ice cream, etc.)


Kracie has different sales systems, each of which is adjusted and targeted for a specific business area or business model. Our consumer-oriented business not only deploys sales staff assigned to individual wholesalers and retailers but also field staff to offer meticulous grass-root services to support and meet the specific needs of floor planning and marketing and sales on site. To further appeal to consumers, we also promote transversal marketing approaches like cross-sector joint sales promotions and campaigns involving our all three sectors. Through all these efforts we endeavor to strengthen ties with our client retailers. For businesses targeted for professional use or medical professions, utilizing our sales agents and wholesale companies, we offer products along with technical guidance, specialized data, and other helpful information to professional customers including beauty salons, hospitals, and practitioners in every part of Japan.

  • Toiletries & Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • foods

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