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Our principles

Our corporate philosophy was established so that each and every person at Kracie acts with a strong will for change.
It comprises the following components, which drive each of us to take a more central role in considering what we can do for society, and act.
Corporate PhilosophyShirushi
– Basic PhilosophyKracies Aspiration
– VisionOur Tomorrow
– Action GuidelinesOur Promise
Shirushi is the backbone of Kracie. It is the essential foundation which enables the group to continue its corporate activities with consistency.

Basic Philosophy
Always thinking of you

"Always think of others" - This forms the basis of all our work, our products, and the attitudes of all personnel in our Group. It is not an empty promise based on self-satisfaction but rather our solemn mission by which to live and abide.


"Our Tomorrow"this shows the company we want Kracie to be in order to advance to the next 100 years. By discarding fixed ideas, rising to the challenge and producing change, we create a positive vision for the future.

Action Guidelines
Stay positive 1 Touch peoples hearts today. How many times have you been thanked? 2 Work diligently and treat others kindly. Trust your co-workers and grow together with them. 3 Dont look for approval from your boss. Assume the eye of the most discerning consumer. 4 Keep questioning. Ask why, why, why about your workplace, reality and things. 5 Do it now. Do it thoroughly. You are racing against the world. 6 Rise to the challenge. You will never be the best if you only do what you must. 7 Be honest. Be transparent. Your actions today will form the basis for our next 100 years

Constantly probing for the true essence, we are determined to embody it, come what may. This is a promise of the actions we must take to our customers, to the world, and to ourselves.

Basic Philosophy [Kracie's Aspiration] Enacted in January 2005
Vision [Our Tomorrow] Revised in August 2017
Action Guidelines [Our Promise] Enacted in January 2005

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