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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the website of Kracie Holdings, Ltd. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively 'Kracie'). This web site (the 'Website') is operated by Kracie in accordance with the following terms and conditions. Please note that any access of content of the Website is subject to limitations provided by the following terms of use and applicable laws. If you do not agree to any part of the following terms and conditions, you are not authorized to use the Website.

1. Range of Use

Kracie possesses the ownership and the right to distribute all content contained in the Website (the 'Content') unless otherwise expressly provided.
Users may access the Content such as images, sounds, and text, but without prior written permission other use of the Content including reproduction, distribution, modification, public transmission, reuse, transfer, etc. of the Content in any form or by any means for any purpose is prohibited. Any unauthorized use of the Content may violate copyright and trademark laws or infringe on third party rights to privacy or portrait. Users may, however, download certain Content for noncommercial, non-public, personal use, though Kracie does not guarantee that such use would not infringe on the rights of others.

2. Use of Trademarks

All the names, trademarks, logotypes, and service marks (collectively the 'Trademarks') as well as text, graphics, pictures, illustrations, and artwork contained in the Website are possessed by Kracie and its related companies or used under license. Users are not permitted to use any Trademarks contained in the Website. Without prior written permission from Kracie or the licenser (for licensed Trademarks or other content), any unauthorized use of the Trademarks and other content on the Website is strictly prohibited unless otherwise expressly provided by these terms and conditions.

3. Quality of Content

Though Kracie pays close attention to the accuracy of and to the updates of the Content, including forecasts, it does not guarantee 100% reliability of any Content. Kracie assumes no liability for any error or omission in the Content. In particular, information such as forecasts may greatly differ from actual results for various reasons. The Content is provided as is without expressed or implied warranty of any kind including any warranties of the integrity of Kracie, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, or others.

4. Liability Exemption

The Content and the URL of the Website are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. The Website is operated by Kracie solely for the purpose of providing information; there are no other intentions. Kracie accepts no liability, for any reason, for any damage or loss caused by changes in information provided on the Website or the suspension or cancellation of operation of the Website. The terms and conditions herein may change at any time without user agreement. Any use of the Website shall be at the user's own risk, and Kracie and any parties concerned with the creation and publication of the Website assume no liability or obligation for any losses arising from access to or use of the Website or the Content, including but not limited to, any damage to the user's computer or network system, either direct or indirect, or for recovery costs for such damages.

5. Linked Sites

Kracie does not guarantee the integrity of the third party web sites, links to which are contained in the Website, or which provide links to the Website (collectively 'Linked Sites'). Kracie assumes no liability for losses of any kind whatsoever related to the content of Linked Sites or arising from the use of the sites. The fact that the Website is linked with third party web sites does not indicate that Kracie guarantees the products and the service offered by the Linked Sites or that the information provided on the Linked Sites is guaranteed or acknowledged by Kracie. Kracie does not accept links from the following types of web sites to this Website;

Web sites that include content intended to slander or damage the good faith of Kracie, other companies, or other third parties;

Web sites that intend to engage in activities involving infringement on copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual rights of Kracie, other companies, or other third parties; and

Web sites that aim to carry out any commercial transactions by using links to this Website including but not limited to activities such as providing any part of the Content of the Website for counter value.

6. Provided Information

Any web entries, suggestions, information, etc. provided to the Website by users that includes no personal information (hereinafter 'Provided Information') are considered as non-confidential, general information. Please do not send us any technical or business suggestions via the Internet, since such suggestions may cause disputes if such suggestions have any similarities to the techniques or business projects that Kracie develops, examines, or promotes on its own. Please understand that, should Kracie receive any suggestions via the Internet, the following principles will be applied;

Kracie will not evaluate or examine any such suggestions;

Kracie will not assume any duty of confidentiality concerning such suggestions; and

In cases that such suggestions have any similarities or commonalities with the ideas promoted, developed or adopted by Kracie, either in their entirety or in part, Kracie will not assume any liability, including but not limited to any obligations for compensation.

7. Proper Laws

The use of the Website and interpretations and applications of information published on the Website or the terms and conditions provided herein shall be pursuant to applicable Japanese laws, unless otherwise expressly provided. Any disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court as the court of the first instance.

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