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Soy Vanillanew

Even people with dairy or egg allergies can enjoy this dairy-free and egg-free vanilla ice cream made with soy.

Enjoy the flavor similar to fresh cream—just like regular ice cream without any distinctive soy milk taste—and the rich taste.
Made without any dairy or egg-derived ingredients using a unique manufacturing process, this smooth, melt-in-your-mouth ice cream has a distinctively rich taste and texture.

Even people with allergies can safely enjoy this ice cream because it is made without using any of the eight specified allergens.
Served in a satisfying cup holding 105 ml.

A treat made with gentleness.Soy.
We want people with dairy or egg allergies to be able to enjoy ice cream just like everyone else. Inspired by this idea, our “Soy” soy milk ice cream is a brand that the whole family can enjoy.

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