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ICHIKAMI Smoothing Conditioner

● A hair care series to repair and prevent damage using the power of waso (Japanese botanicals) developed through hair research done in Japan. For silky smooth hair so dazzlingly beautiful when it moves that you’ll want to wear it loose and free
● Formulated with repairing and protective ingredients— “Pure Japanese Botanicals Premium Extract” *1
● "Cuticle Smoothing Formula"
●Makes even tangle-prone, dry and brittle hair silky smooth so that you can run your fingers. through it with ease.
●Prepares the cuticles while repairing and protecting against damage caused by friction.
●Sulfate-free Formulation*2
●The Fresh, dainty aroma of wild cherry blossoms in bloom. Three-quarter in bloom.

*1:Ashitaba,pure lipids from rice bran (Rice bran oil),Red Rice (Rice Extract),Rice germ oil(Selected ingredients derived from water used to wash rice),Blackberry Lily,Camellia,Rice bran extract
*2:Sulfuric acid-based surfactant agents not used.

Pump 480g Refill 330g Double refill 660g

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