Makes even tangled and
rough hair smooth and manageable

Sulfate-free Formulation

Sulfuric acid-based surfactant agents
not used

Non-silicone Shampoo

Formulated with plant-derived,
amino-acid based cleansing ingredients※

Smooth and moist "Cuticle Smoothing Formula"

Thoroughly encloses easy-to-peel cuticles, smooths hair surfaces and prevents friction. Smooths even tangled hair down to its ends.

The fresh, dainty aroma of wild cherry blossoms
in bloom

Refreshingly exudes the refined aroma of mountain cherry blossoms in a manner typical of Ichikami. Naturally moisturizes hair with the fresh fragrance of cherry blossoms.

※ Lauroylsarcosine TEA, TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate

We have strengthened the "repair and prevention" formulations in our enhanced "Pure Japanese Botanicals Premium Extract"

*1 Rice Extract *2 Cherry blossom leaf extract、Contained in Conditioners and Treatment Products *3 Rice bran oil *4 Formulated in shampoo *5 Selected ingredients derived from water used to wash rice
*6 Contained in Treatment Products

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