Hair comes first,
style second
(Ichikami, nisugata).

This is an ancient Japanese adage. Taking care of your hair brings out your inherent beauty. This interpretation comes with the saying. If only all women could keep their hair healthy and spend beautiful days from within—it was this hope that led to the conception of Ichikami.

Daily shampooing for beautiful hair.
New Ichikami provides damage-free hair whenever used.

使うたび、痛みにくい髪へ。新 いち髪

New ingredients ensure
damage-free hair
whenever used.

The beautiful hair possessed by Japanese women. The element that brings out this beauty is the power contained in waso or Japanese botanicals, which have been used since ancient times.
Unceasing research has enabled Ichikami to develop Pure Japanese Botanicals Premium Extract*1 with the help of modern technology. This moisturizes the hair and skin, and repairs and protect hair from dryness, friction and other forms of damage.
The new Pure Japanese Botanicals Premium Extract released in 2019 contains dianthus extract and pure lipids from rice bran.
Provides damage-free hair whenever used.

*1 Repair and Protective Ingredients *2 Formulated in shampoo *3 Rice bran oil

Dianthus extract*2

Prevents the cuticles from peeling when shampooing.

Pure lipids from rice bran*3

Encompasses damaged hair that has been repaired for an additional shine.

Pure Japanese Botanicals Premium Extract
(Repair and Protective Ingredients)

*1 Rice bran oil *2 Formulated in shampoo *3 Selected ingredients derived from water used to wash rice *4 Contained in treatment products *5 Rice Extract
*6 Cherry blossom leaf extract,Contained in conditioners and treatment products

The packages are also new.

The packages for the entire lineup of shampoos and
conditioners are new.
They have all been improved to be more feminine and

Enjoy scents that tell a story

Ichikami evokes the fresh, dainty aroma of
wild cherry blossoms in bloom.

Our shampoos offer the scent of flowers one-third in bloom, while our conditioners
contain the scent of a three-quarter bloom.Our treatment products offer the scent
of flowers in full bloom.

To maintain beautiful hair, it is also important to relax your mind and body. So, Ichikami's scents tell a story.
The moment you apply it, the aroma of wild cherries envelops you. As you enjoy the fresh scent of blossoms or shampoos, conditioners, and treatments offer, your hair will shine more beautifully. Our aftercare products also contain a pleasant yet faint scent that stays with you.

Our Moisturizing Care line blends the elegant scent of cherry blossoms, characteristic of Ichikami, with a lightly sweet aroma of apricot.
Provides firm and dense moisture.

The soft and silky care lineup encompasses the hair in the fragrance of refreshing fruit and elegant cherry blossoms.
Soft and light, followed by a pleasant scent.

(Japanese botanicals)

It not only repairs current damage, but includes
ingredients that "Repair and Protective
Ingredients," and make it resistant to damage.

*1 Rice bran oil *2 Selected ingredients derived from water used to wash rice *3 Cherry blossom leaf extract *4 Camellia oleifera seed oil

The history of Japanese botanicals is
intimately linked
with the beauty of Japanese
women's hair.

As far back as the Nara-Heian period, Japanese women maintained lush, beautiful hair, even as they aged. The secret of this beautiful hair lies in the nurturing of botanicals native to the Japanese climate.
Ichikami has studied these botanicals over several years, and by incorporating current technology, has developed a "Pure Japanese Botanical Premium Extract."