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Yasuya Ishibashi

From Our Management | From Representative Director, President

Yasuya Ishibashi

I am Yasuya Ishibashi, Representative Director and President of Kracie. I would like to thank you for using Kracie’s products.

July 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the renaming of our company from Kanebo to Kracie. It is owing to the support of everyone who is related to our company, including the consumers who use our products, the distributors, and the suppliers who provide us with raw materials, that we have reached this milestone, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you all.

Our corporate philosophy is "Always thinking of you". In our corporate principles, entitled "Action Guidelines" is the guideline "Touch people’s hearts. How many ‘Thank-You’s’ did you earn today?". We have developed our business in the areas of daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, and food products. It goes without saying that these items are essential in daily life. Our mission is to continue to offer products and services which our customers need.

With a view to the next ten years, as a maker, we intend to return to the starting point, and produce products for the market which bring joy to our customers’ daily lives, and contribute to people’s lifestyles. We will work even more diligently with the aim of becoming a company which is loved by everyone. I would like to ask you all for your continued kind support.

Yasuya Ishibashi

Representative Director, President
Kracie Holdings, Ltd.

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