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Popin' Cookin'

Popin’ Cookin’  Kiddies’ Lunch Kit

• Mix water into the powder and make snacks that look just like deep-fried shrimp, omelet, chicken and rice, French fries, and meatballs.
• Contains an assortment of fun flavors: apple (French fries), chocolate (meatballs), orange (deep-fried shrimp), strawberry (ketchup), and fruits punch (omelet).
• Pour the shrimp mix into the mold, coat with batter, and make crunchy, deep-fried shrimp.
• The shrimp makes popping noises when it’s being “deep fried”, just like the real thing.
• Arrange these on the plate and serve a delicious kid’s lunch.


Apple、Chocolate、Orange、Soda、fruits punch flavor、Strawberry


250yen (excluding tax)

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