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Delicious fluffy snack to knead on your own
Add water and knead to make the powder change color and turn into a fluffy candy.

DIY candy for kids

Neru-neru Neru-ne:grape,soda
Kaiketsu Zorori no Itazura Neru-neru:Melon and Cherry
Majo-majo Neru-neru:Green apple
Parfait Parfait Neru-neru:Fruit Parfait flavor

Kaiketsu Zorori no Itazura Neru-neru (Melon and Cherry)

Neru-neru Neru-ne (Grape)

Neru-neru Neru-ne (Soda)

Majo-majo Neru-neru

Parfait Parfait Neru-neru (Chocolate and Strawberry Parfait)

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