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ICHIKAMI Thermal Repair Hair-end Pack (Smoothing) 

・ Generates gentle heat to enhance penetration and absorption into the hair. Intense treatment of badly damaged hair to repair split ends and protect against further damage. Replenishes moisture and makes hair smooth and manageable.

・ For repair of split ends and damage of hair ends

・ Heat treatment to repair damage




Key Agent

Peony Extract、Moutan Bark Extract、Fermented Black Rice α※1、Rice EX-S※2、Red Rice Extract※3、Cherry Blossom Extract、Camellia Extract、Blackberry Lily、Walnut Oil
※1:Lachancea, fermentation solution of hydrolyzed rice, and rice extract 
※2:Selected ingredients derived from water used to wash rice (phytic acids are blended into shampoos only)
  ※3:Rice Extract

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